Monday, December 26, 2011

Elle US: Victoria Beckham

I can think of a ton of celebs who tried to break into the fashion/beauty industry whether it was with their own line, collaborations, jewelry, shoes, or fragrances, but I can't think of one that has dominated the red carpet as much as Victoria Beckham. The VB collection is practically on every female celeb from her BFF Eva Longoria to Jennifer Hudson, Drew Barrymore, Mary J Blige, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna Wintour favorite, Blake Lively. Her strong yet very simple and sophisticated silhouettes really flatter women of all shapes and sizes and I think that's what really gets her a lot of exposure...on the read carpet that is. But with her more affordable line titled, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, making it's debut, I'm sure Posh will be exploding everywhere from the carpet at premieres, on the runway shows in NY, or on the streets. The critics are definitely on her side and for good reason. One things forsure, she's definitely grown since her denim days...
Victoria-Beckham-Elle-US-02 Victoria-Beckham-Elle-US-03

Photos from Design Scene.

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