Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jen Brill for The Coveteur


This Chanel Ambassador is definitely the most gangsta of them all. The NY agent and BA of CHANEL, is a great collection from the French House. The first time I ever learned about Jen was from reading the CHANEL news on their website and from seeing her photos plastered everywhere on Terry's blog. From every season of CHANEL, i've seen street shots of her with the latest collection and I'm oh so envious, i'm sure like all CHANEL girls...and guys. Those light bulb t-strap velvet shoes are most coveted along with the gun heeled shoe. And according to her, who can never have enough CHANEL shorts?! Can you expect anything less from one of Uncle Karl's go to CHANEL gals? Jelly.

jbrillch3 jbrillch4 jbrillch5 jbrillch6 jbrillch2 jbrillch7

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