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I Can't Get Enough: Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic


I seriously cannot get enough of my favorite supermodel couple, Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic. I was browsing one of my favorite bloggers, The Vogue Diaries, and I fell upon the photo on the upper left and I just had to blog it. So cute/romantic! The couple was out in NYC promoting the new DKNY fragrance and they looked like they had a lot of fun doing it. As I was browsing for more info about the happy couple, I fell onto an awesome interview of Anja where she explains how Sasha proposed to her and much more. The following excerpts include:

Frockwriter: When did you arrive?
Anja Rubik: We arrived yesterday morning. We did so much yesterday and today. We met up with Stephen. We walked around The Rocks. We enjoyed the whole day. Then we had a quick disco nap and we went out about town for NYE. It was pretty incredible. We were just walking around The Rocks. At midnight we were actually on the street. We always go to parties and we wanted to do something different. And the energy of the street was so incredible. We watched the fireworks - you can smell it almost. And you can really feel the energy of the other people. It was something completely different. I think in Sydney you have to do that. I was really amazed. It was so well organised.

FW: You and Sasha just became engaged didn’t you? Congratulations.
AR: Yes, yes, we just got engaged a few days ago, just before Christmas. Noone really knows about it yet.

FW: How did he propose?
AR: We were spending Christmas in Vienna this year because Sasha grew up in Vienna and his family is there and my family was coming over. And just two days before he came over, we went to Dance of the Vampires, the one that Roman Polanski directed [NB: I originally thought she meant Polanski’s 1967 film, aka The Fearless Vampire Killers – on which the musical is based]. It’s an opera. I wanted to see it for such a long time and Sasha organised the tickets, so it was really nice for Christmas. And then we went out and we walked around, it was really foggy the whole night and then he finally proposed, which was funny... It was pretty incredible. In the middle of the street. In the middle of the night. And then we went and had dinner in this restaurant that was on the rooftop of a building. And it was really, really nice. Apparently he was carrying the ring around for a while. And that day we fought all the day long. We were preparing the whole house for Christmas and there were all these things to be done and I had to cook and I had to do this and that and the Christmas decorations… I couldn’t find the ones I liked. So it was totally dramatic the whole day. I thought, ‘I’m going to kill him’. I was like, ‘I think this was my last Christmas ever’ [with him]. And he said ‘I picked this day on purpose, because although we have our fights, we’ve been together and ra ra ra ...’ And he’s right.

FW: Have you made any plans yet re dates etc?
AR: We are kind of hoping to do it in May or June. That’s what we’re aiming for.

FW: So if you are staying until the 20th, are you not doing the haute couture?
AR: No I am. I’ll probably just go for Chanel, just for Karl. Chanel is on the 25th. So I should be back. I’m going to fly straight to Paris.

FW: Do you have to be careful about getting a tan with some work?
AR: Well no, I do tan very quickly, you do have to do a lot of protection. But they’re not so super strict on that unless you go completely brown. But you know, I’m going to try to do Karl because I’ve worked with Karl quite often and I love him to pieces, I think he’s a genius. I just saw him in Moscow. I was there for the Pirelli launch.

FW: So what else do you have coming up that people might not know about?
AR: I’m on an i-D cover, I don’t know if people know about that. Emma Summerton shot it. She’s genius, I love her to pieces. I mean I have a few campaigns coming out, of course Fendi. And there’s a bunch of editorials that I did. I don’t know which ones people know about. I mean I have a Russian Vogue cover coming out, a Spanish Vogue cover coming out, that should be released soon. And a bunch of stuff I shot before Christmas.


FW: So for 2010, what were your personal highlights?
AR: My personal highlights....well, fashion highlights, let me see. Actually I think it was the Tom Ford show [at New York Fashion Week in September]. That was such an incredible thing. I always dreamed of doing Tom Ford but I started modelling a little bit later, so I never worked with him when he was at YSL or Gucci. And just the show itself it was so incredible and they weren’t doing like a typical show, it was very old-fashioned, the way the girl would walk out then he would describe the outfit. He would say, ‘Anja Rubik’s wearing this and that’. It was really cute and the runway was very small. People were sitting very close to the runway. And just to be among those incredible women who were there.. because he had models, he had older models, like supermodels, plus a lot of actresses and BeyoncĂ©. So that was an incredible experience. And doing the Pirelli was also incredible, because it was always my dream to take part in this calendar. It’s like the most famous calendar in the world, it’s such a huge honour. And the best people shot for it and the best girls were in it. So that was really great. And I was actually supposed to do the Terry Richardson one but I was a little bit afraid, because I never undressed, I was never shot actually nude before. Although I love Terry and I worked with him a lot for French Vogue and other editorials, but I was a little bit afraid of his Pirelli.

FW: So getting back to the engagement, you went to see a vampire film?
AR: No not a film, it’s an opera written by Roman Polanski. They play it all around Europe in different languages. It was actually playing in Poland and I really wanted to see it but I was working and this and that happened, so I saw it in German. It was very emotional and the music kind of tells the story, you don’t need to understand it word by word. I love the whole vampire thing I have to say. The whole idea that there’s the good guy and the bad guy and the girl goes for the bad guy. It’s so obvious, he’s a really good-looking vampire.

FW: And the ring?
AR: Yes I have a ring. It’s a beautiful Cartier ring, I think it’s gold. Solitaire.

For more of the interview, click here.

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