Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anna Wintour & SF Giants for Gay Marriage/Equality

Vogue's infamous Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour is taking a stand and requesting all New Yorkers to vote for marriage equality, like that of her intern and NHL player, Sean Avery. Rejoice!! I'm sure being her position and who she is alone, that many New Yorkers will fall in favor for marriage equality.
Besides Wintour, I'm glad to have read an article that explained how the San Francisco Giants were in the process of filming a PSA for 'It Get's Better,' a national campaign for LGBTQ outreach. It truly seems like the world of today is moving forward with Gay rights and I can personally say that it is completely refreshing and exciting to see. Yet, there is still a ton to do, but I'm glad some of the most prominent teams, like the Giants are taking stand against homophobia. A spokesperson for the baseball team said:
"Details of the video are still being worked out so I can't provide you with specifics, but we are confirmed to produce and post a video." Like Perez Hilton, I am so very very proud to" hear that the baseball team will be the FIRST professional sports team in the history of sports to support the LGBT community by recording an "It Gets Better" video!" REJOICE!!!!

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