Friday, April 8, 2011

Teddy Bear Foundation for Saks Fifth Avenue Santa Barbara

I work with some of the best gals ever and I love my managers to death. They have been some of the best managers I have ever had in my retail career. I've had pretty shady and not-so-nice supervisors in the past, but I absolutely adore my management team at Saks in SB. Anywho, we had a giant party with the Teddy Bear Foundation this past Thursday and I was fortunate to attend and work the event. The festivity was pure chaos with over 20 food vendors, psychics, tarot card readers, photo booths, belly dancers, bars on every corner, hot looking servers, Billy Baldwin, Kenny Loggins, fire fighters, and more, the event was a blast! The event was from 6pm to 11pm and we had over 400 attendees, so it was a bit of a mad house. Nonetheless, the event was successful and we raised over $150,000 during our auction and it was a fantastic night. Here are some of the photo booth photos my coworkers/managers and I took! =)

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