Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lady Gaga for HBO Special

I've been a fan since the start, and I CANNOT wait for this HBO special on Lady Gaga. Just watching these trailers, gives me goosebumps and excitement. She's truly a voice of our generation!! JUDDDAAAASSS! lol

About her latest single's music video, Judas:

Well the video, in essence, suggests that [pauses] forgiveness and betrayal are hand in hand and that… how do I say this? The video puts destiny above all things and postures that the mistakes in your life are in fact not mistakes at all, they are just part of your overarching potential and your destiny.
I want to allow the video to speak for itself but I will say that the theme of the video and the way that I wanted to aesthetically portray the story was as a motorcycle Fellini movie where the apostles are revolutionaries in a modern-day Jerusalem. And I play Mary Magdalene leading them into the town where we meet Jesus and I will leave the rest for you to see. But it's meant more to celebrate faith than it is to challenge it.

"It's ALWAYS wrong to hate... but it's never wrong to love." - Lady Gaga

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