Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dan Levy for The Coveteur

I don't know if I'll ever become a sneaker head like TV personality, Dan Levy. The City and The Hills after-show host has an incredible collection of eyewear, both optical and sunnies. I cannot wait to get my first pair of optical frames, which I'm about to order next week so be on the look out! I couldn't help but think the other day about my wardrobe and how I have this hidden love for color and prints and Levy sums it up nicely (minus the Ebay part), "If I'm going to wear a dress shirt I'd like it to be fun. Pattern is key. I find most of my favorite shirts on Ebay."
"I collect three things: T-shirts, Sneakers, and Eyewear. Love them all equally. The eyewear, fortunately and unfortunately, is a necessity so you have to make the best of it."
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