Monday, November 1, 2010

New Obsession: Will Chalker.

Although the styling reminds me of my friends Danny & Vince, I love the laid back California Guy look, which can usually consist of short shorts, nike sweaters, chucks, plaid and a pair of classic lunettes de soleil. Move over Paul Walker, Will Chalker is coming to snatch what's left of your lame career. yumm. willchalkerbyjimmybackius3 willchalkerbyjimmybackius4 willchalkerbyjimmybackius13 willchalkerbyjimmybackius12 willchalkerbyjimmybackius11 willchalkerbyjimmybackius10 willchalkerbyjimmybackius7 willchalkerbyjimmybackius9 willchalkerbyjimmybackius6

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