Monday, February 20, 2012

The Road to Talk That Talk: Part One

If you're a Riri fan like I am, then you'll enjoy this little documentary she produced. We get to follow her on the last leg of her North American tour in Boston and then get to see her go back to her home country of Barbados. She seems like such a down to earth chick, I'd die to hang out with her on the beaches of Barbados sippin on some young coconuts...Ohh I also really like her recently leaked remix of her song, Birthday Cake with her ex, Chris Brown. With tons and tons of controversy, I think the song is a hit, but really? Can you blame her? They were best friends before they became intimate and I can only imagine what it's like to be her in that situation...but you can always expect good music from Rihanna. Check out the song below, and let me know what you think. Perfect booty clapping song huh?

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