Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adele for Vogue US March

Hallelujah and thank heavens for Anna Wintour for getting the goddess that is Adele her first Vogue US cover for the March issue!! I can't think of a perfect time especially after snagging SIX! Grammys tonight including Album of The Year for her insanely amazing album, 21. Ugh I am so so SOOOO proud of her. I remember seeing her live about four or five years ago and she was just getting her music together, now she's a full fledge Grammy winner!! LOVE.
adele-0312-3-VO-FRNT20_20072559083 adelevoguem adele-0312-10-outtake_200723657001 adelevoguem2

Photos from Vogue.

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