Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photo Diary: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is really starting to grow on me even though I despise the traffic with a passion. Last night I attended the VV Brown concert and had such a blast. She was sooo good. Tuesday night I headed down to LA after work to really get a good day in in LA and my good friend/MUA, Crystal and I started the day with some great breakfast at Joans On Third. Afterwards we did some vintage shopping and roamed the areas of the city of angels. It was surprisingly a hot day at 80 degrees, so it was perfect, not a cloud in site. I can't wait to be back soon, the holidays definitely call for another visit...for xmas shopping, duh!
IMG_0757IMG_0765 IMG_0758 IMG_0761 ctranoutfitish IMG_0781 IMG_0787 IMG_0813 IMG_0812 IMG_0811 IMG_0806 IMG_0795

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  1. SHUT UP! OMGOSH, the watch is sick and do I see a Celine bag there or am I mistaken!??? Ish, you are hot! xo