Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mboko Ndimba Mobutu

Multiple bracelets, short shorts, vibrant colors, the affinity for anything white, man clutches, and a habit for wearing sportcoats like capes makes it seem like I have a lot in common with the stylist and fashion editor of Ghubar Magazine, Mboko. I couldn't help but agree and see myself in his interview with fashion blog, Monsieur Got Style; excerpts include:
Your style is:
classic with a twist. I like classic elegance but with its own share of personal playful modern feel to it.

Your must-have is/are:
a wide collection of shoes from luxurious models to more affordable ones.


Your background:
I actually studied communications and advertising after graduating. While still studying I interned twice as a fashion PR assistant, I then was approached to join online magazine GHUBAR's team as editor/stylist. Later on I started interning as a stylist's assistant for weekly fashion and lifestyle French women magazine "Be" then became editor/stylist for it not too long ago.

Your inspirations:
multi-tasking hard working and talented forces such as Milan Vukmirovic, Anna Wintour and such. As well as people that understand fashion in a way that they are able to produce iconic imagery that are larger than the entity they represent or work for on a stylistic, photographic level or else. I'm thinking of the Grace Coddingtons, Mert & Marcuses, Tommy Tons, and others. Without forgetting about writers as well.

Your signature mark:
As of lately, I would say that it is color-blocking. On a regular basis I guess either my glasses, the fact that I roll up my pants, hardly wear socks or my overall "preppy" look. People should answer that for me actually.

Your favorite brands:
Easily Dries Van Noten, Tom Ford and Burberry Prorsum.

Your advice to the Messieurs is:
Not to give a damn. Or at least try. It takes some kind of courage to get out there and stylistically assume who you are when you make strong statements through your style.

Photos from Street FSN.

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