Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Obsession: Celine

Even though I just bought my first Celine Cabas Tote, I'm already looking into buying my next Celine something and it seems like I have my eye on these little guys. The Celine Pouchette looks like it's about 10" x 7", so it should carry a majority of my things when I think about practically and functionality. A card case, my lip balm, my sunnies, my iPhone, and my keys should be able to fit. But in terms of looks, don't they look fab?!! I can't help by yearn for my next Celine bag, and I'm about 70% sure a pouchette is in my future. When I don't carry a bag, I like to have belongings in one place and NOT in my pockets (unless I'm wearing a coat with patch pockets). I've already researched and SAKS has only 12 in the entire company on order from they're Resort/Cruise 12 collection, which obviously means my name will be written all over one! Perhaps a solid color this time...but a bi color nude would be ferosh?!!
bagcraze_celine_spring11_17 bagcraze_celine_spring11_16


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