Monday, October 31, 2011

New Purchase: Celine Cabas Tote Fall 2011

I guess I proved myself wrong when I said it would take me a few months to get my hands on one of these babies last week, because I just caved in and got my first Celine Cabas Tote a few days ago! I was very fortunate in hunting one down all the way at the SAKS in Palm Beach, Florida. 8 out of the 40 something SAKS stores carry the infamous and not surprisingly difficult to find Celine bags. Finding Celine in the states in general is pretty hard because 1. everyone's on a waiting list 2. they fly off the shelves as soon as they're off the truck 3. you can't shop for them online and 4. there's one main US store in Bal Harbor, Florida. My good good friend told me they had only a few and I had the chance to choose between a two tone in cobalt and burgundy or beige and taupe and solids in orange and black.

I went for this lovely cobalt blue and burgundy tote, because it's classic bi color Celine detailing and because it wasn't boring like the others. It's hip, contemporary, and a bit twisted with it's uncommon color combo. I originally had my eye on a solid dark forest green, but I am so happy that the store didn't have it, because I wouldn't have chosen this one. What I love about the Celine Cabas is that they're super minimal all while being fashionable, practical and current. It's not loud like a LV, a Chanel, or Gucci. It doesn't scream attention!! Plus, it lowers my chances of getting mugged. :] Looks like I'm beginning to grow an addiction like Kwannam Chu... Hopefully I don't go as cray, but I can't help it! TEAM PHILO!!!!!! Definitely see another Philo creation in my hands and in near future... Can't wait!
Inside my bag: Ray Ban Aviators, Kiehl's Lip Balm, my incredible MJ wallet, a Moleskin notebook, Tom Ford Opticals, my vintage scarf, and my 2nd brain aka my iPhone.

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