Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CHANEL: The Boy Chanel Hand Bag

A few weeks ago my store had our seasonal CHANEL trunk show for the fw 11 season, and there were many incredible bags, but the one that caught my attention the most was the Boy Chanel bag. The bag is currently featured in Saks' September Fashion catalogue and I'm sure will be an instant favorite for a lot of women. I love the chain with a leather shoulder strap, the sideways clasp closure, the CHANEL sideways embossment and the overall look of the bag. Just like Elizabeth Olsen (above), a very good client of mine just purchased the 2,900.00 bag and for good reason. It's a fashion classic, duh! Chanel has a variety of classic and fashion bags, and this fashion bag will surely be a classic in it's kind. I actually delivered the bag today and she loved it despite the the one month wait. It comes in three sizes as well as a clutch. What do you guys think?
ArtisticPictures-Chanel-04 boychanelrunwayfw11

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