Friday, October 21, 2011

Coco Rocha on ANTM All-Star Edition

It was only a matter of time Tyra Banks was going to put some old contestants from previous ANTM cycles into one ultimate cycle given how many she's done. I think she's on 16? Crazy. But I loved this last episode where she brought in one of the best supermodels to join them in their photoshoots, Coco Rocha. Who knew one of my favorite models ever could practically do 50 poses in 30 seconds!!?? Insanity. From the looks of these photos she obviously knows what she's doing compared to these "amateurs." She looks divine, but I also got to give it up to Allison, Angelea, and Dominique for really standing out.

Coco-Rocha-Americas-Next-Top-Model-DesignSceneNet-02 Coco-Rocha-Americas-Next-Top-Model-DesignSceneNet-03 Coco-Rocha-Americas-Next-Top-Model-DesignSceneNet-04 Coco-Rocha-Americas-Next-Top-Model-DesignSceneNet-05

Images from Design Scene.

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