Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elisa Sednaoui for Harper’s Bazaar Spain

I spent the whole day yesterday at Butterfly Beach in Montecito and I felt like I was on summer vacation. I'm so ready for summer, then again I'm so NOT ready for the sweltering NYC summer. Anywho, I was going over some of my bookmarks and found this July/August editorial of Elisa Sednaoui for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, which totally embodied how I felt yesterday (minus the lovely beach curls, bodacious bod, beautiful designer beach attire, and flawless makeup). Someone please take me on an exotic get away with clear waters, sunny skies, and white sands.
elisa-sednaoui4 elisa-sednaoui5 elisa-sednaoui7 elisa-sednaoui8 elisa-sednaoui9 elisa-sednaoui10 elisa-sednaoui11 elisa-sednaoui12

Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue.

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