Wednesday, January 26, 2011

D&G Overload


I love how eclectic D&G always is, but sometimes it's too much. This season's graphic tees made me want to hurl, but besides that I really enjoyed those slim brown pants, short trench, skinny orange belt, the plaid and even the coca-cola sweaters (perhaps I'm biased because I'm a coke fan). Other then that, I thought the collection was mediocre and your average D&G. They need to bring Chad White back on their runway! Anywho, I love me some Simon Nessman, so I thought I would include their Spring Summer 2011 ads. YUM. Speaking of their Spring Summer 2011 ads, don't the clothes look amazing? I want that double breasted white suit and those floral printed pants and blazer. EKKK!

d7gmen2 DG-Spring-Summer-2011-DesignSceneNet-03 DG-Spring-Summer-2011-DesignSceneNet-04 DG-Spring-Summer-2011-DesignSceneNet-05

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