Monday, January 14, 2013

Mens Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2013 Favs pt. 1

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Trussardi // From the color combination to the layering, I loved the bundled looks that walked down the runway of Trussardi's FW 13 collection. The looks from head to toe were so rich with color and texture, I was practically drooling. These days mix media coats and blazers are all the rage, and I loved the play on the sleeve, the pockets, and the sweaters. Who doesn't like a good mix when it comes to textures?

004-tile costume-national-hommel16 costume-national-hommel34 028-tile costume-national-hommel27

Costume National // Edgy, chic, and lots of rock and roll was the reccuring theme for Costume National's FW 13 Mens collection. I love the wide brimmed fedoras and all the leather pants...which thankfully seems to be a trend on the runways this FW 13 season. This collection was nothing short of cool. GIMMIE!

miss2mfw13 missoni-fall3 010-tilemissmfw13 missoni-fall38

Missoni // Who doesn't love to be wrapped in a Missoni knit?! The warm colors easily look as inviting as does their suits. From tailored suits to fine gauged cozies, they've got the man's essentials covered while being completely wrapped in the Missoni DNA.

004-tilesalfw13 ferragamo-fall26 010-tilesalfw131 ferragamo-fall40

Salvatore Ferragamo // I'm usually dying over the coats at Burberry, but this season, I have to hand over to Massimiliano Giornetti and give him props, because these coats are absolutely MIND BLOWING. Giornetti sent so much depth and variety from leather jackets, pea coats, top coats, shearlings, and even capes, that I was completely amazed. While the proportion of the coats played with volume, I loved the compliment of the slim pants that accented the whole look. That last coat is beyond bananas.

022-tilevivwestmfw13 westwood-fall2 vivwestfw131 westwood-fall43

Vivienne Westwood // I'm always excited to see what comes down the runway at the Vivienne Westwood shows, because the clothes and usually the shows, are whimsical and classic Westwood. I love the mix of London street and classic British tailoring. Fashion isn't always serious, and I love how playful these collections are. Such a rad show, I WANT ALL THE CLOTHES!

Photos from The Fashionisto & Before You Kill Us All.

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