Friday, June 29, 2012

Photo Diary: Tahoe 2012

Before I jetted off to NYC, I had the best time with my cousins in Lake Tahoe where we rented out a killer cabin that literally fit all 23 of us. Despite the high pollen season, the weather was perfect, the water was still super clean and clear, and the company was more than I could ever ask for. I'm a huge family oriented type person, so it was nice to be surrounded by my cousins who were practically my bff's growing up. I miss them already!!
IMG_2349 IMG_2375 IMG_2388 IMG_2397 IMG_2422 IMG_2430 IMG_2431 IMG_2432 IMG_2439 IMG_2447 IMG_2448 IMG_2476 IMG_2463 IMG_2465 IMG_2486IMG_2489 IMG_2520 IMG_2523 IMG_2526 IMG_2582