Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mens Paris Fashion Week: Favs Part One

hermes-spring-summer-2013-003 hermes-spring-summer-2013-012 hermes-spring-summer-2013-014 hermes-spring-summer-2013-034 hermes-spring-summer-2013-036 hermes-spring-summer-2013-039 hermes-spring-summer-2013-040

Hermes // Running the helm of Hermes, creative director, Veronique Nichan­ian gave one hell of a punch of ultimate luxury when it came to the fashion houses's SS 13 season. While the collection was colorfully laid back, the cuts and fabrics were nothing shy of chic from crocs to leathers. How amazeball is that croc embossed black tee?! So prettttttttyyy. View the full collection here.

kenzo-spring-summer-2013-006 kenzo-spring-summer-2013-008 kenzo-spring-summer-2013-014 kenzo-spring-summer-2013-019 kenzo-spring-summer-2013-026 kenzo-spring-summer-2013-040

Kenzo // KENZO KENZO KENZO! I'm still obsessed with Humberto and Carol and of course, their latest collection for Kenzo. Taking on back to Kenzo's jungle, the designers take us on a Eastern Asia safari playing with layers, colors, and embellishments. I enjoyed the play on shapes and volume from the wide baggy shorts, slouchy pants, to the slim and refined trousers. I need a KENZO sweater, don't you?! View the full collection here.

dries-van-noten-spring-summer-2013-002 dries-van-noten-spring-summer-2013-004 dries-van-noten-spring-summer-2013-026 dries-van-noten-spring-summer-2013-028 dries-van-noten-spring-summer-2013-033 dries-van-noten-spring-summer-2013-039

Dries Van Noten // I love camouflage and lately I've had an affinity with neon orange and mixing it with navy and the print, so I was ecstatic when I saw the combination open up Dries' SS 13 collection. Modern, relaxed, cool chic, and classic DVN, what's not to love. View the full collection here.

junya-watanabe-spring-summer-2013-001 junya-watanabe-spring-summer-2013-007 junya-watanabe-spring-summer-2013-010 junya-watanabe-spring-summer-2013-011 junya-watanabe-spring-summer-2013-015 junya-watanabe-spring-summer-2013-019

Junya Watanabe // LOVED this show from start to end. The perfect suit with pretty much....suits me. I loved the variation of pant and short suits ranging from classic navy, khaki, and classic Watanabe plaid. I also enjoyed the pairing of the striped tees with the suits to downplay the outfits, making them ensembles casually chic. Clearly it's all about the sneaker next spring! I'm excited!! View the full collection here.

balmain-homme-spring-summer-2013-09 balmain-homme-spring-summer-2013-12 balmain-homme-spring-summer-2013-13 balmain-homme-spring-summer-2013-14 balmain-homme-spring-summer-2013-15 balmain-homme-spring-summer-2013-31

Balmain // I'm not really a fan of Balmain, but I will admit that since Olivier's success, I've been keeping a close on the house's collection. His results for the fashion house's SS 13 season, was pretty much everything I imagine him wearing, but is that bad? NO. I loved the rock roll ease and chicness of the collection. These days, who doesn't want to look cool. Surely a Balmain double breasted coat and some skinnies will do, but seriously? How major are the total looks from this collection? From the coats, jackets, to the pants and shoes. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE! View the full collection here.

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