Monday, June 25, 2012

Mens Milan Fashion Week: Favs Part One

burberry-prorsum-spring-summer-2013-002 burberry-prorsum-spring-summer-2013-006 burberry-prorsum-spring-summer-2013-018 burberry-prorsum-ss13-07 burberry-prorsum-spring-summer-2013-022 burberry-prorsum-spring-summer-2013-023 burberry-prorsum-spring-summer-2013-028 burberry-prorsum-spring-summer-2013-037 burberry-prorsum-spring-summer-2013-042 burberry-prorsum-ss13-03 burberry-prorsum-ss13-05 burberry-prorsum-ss13-06 burberry-prorsum-ss13-09 burberry-prorsum-ss13-19

Burberry // Is there ever a bad collection from Christopher Bailey over at Burberry? How rad are the bright neon metallics?! Ugh, gimmie gimmie gimmie. Continuing Burberrys refined, slim silhouettes, Bailey brought out a mixture of fresh pieces with a youthful touch. I love how Burberry remains true to it's classic British style, chic, a bit funky and fun, but always cool. View the full collection here.

salvatore-ferragamo-spring-summer-2013-002 salvatore-ferragamo-spring-summer-2013-006 salvatore-ferragamo-spring-summer-2013-011 salvatore-ferragamo-spring-summer-2013-020 salvatore-ferragamo-spring-summer-2013-024 salvatore-ferragamo-spring-summer-2013-035 salvatore-ferragamo-spring-summer-2013-042

Salvatore Ferragamo // COLOR COLOR COLOR! By far my favorite mens collection of the SS 13 season. I loved how Ferragamo's creative director, Mas­simo Gior­netti took a more lively approach this season with colors from yellow, sky blues, oranges, and whites; it was fresh, fun, and still very chic. How awesome was it that he paired the suits with sneakers that were just as colorful as the suits?! BRAVO! View the full collection here.

vivienne-westwood-spring-summer-2013-004 vivienne-westwood-spring-summer-2013-011 vivienne-westwood-spring-summer-2013-018 vivienne-westwood-spring-summer-2013-031 vivienne-westwood-spring-summer-2013-032 vivienne-westwood-spring-summer-2013-040 vivienne-westwood-spring-summer-2013-045 vivienne-westwood-spring-summer-2013-047

Vivienne Westwood // Another favorite of mine for the SS 13 season. I love how eccentric, but still tailored and current the designs are for Vivienne's mens collection. I NEED those loafer slippers in my life stat. I absolutely love the prints in the collection too, and those wide brimmed straw hats?! Flower crowns?! GENIUS. View the full collection here.

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  1. Loving your blog and your coverage.Those flower crowns are soo Lana del Rey <3 Burberry, Bottega Veneta and Gucci were my favs. xx :)