Friday, April 24, 2009

Top Models & NYC

With this year's season of America's Next Top Model, I've picked my top two favorites. Allison, a New Orleans native with a unique look, which is vital in this competition/industry. In order to be a top model or supermodel you need to be unique and I think her blue bug-eyed eyes definitely make her stick out. If only she didn't seem so "shy" all the time!!Fo, a woman of African American and Mexican decent is also a top contender. I think her freckles make her stand out as well as her contagious personality. Plus she's FIERCEEEE. Who doesn't love some fierceness?

We booked our hotel for our New York trip in May. We'll be staying at the Paramount Hotel in the theater district. I believe our location is practically the best since we're 0.5 blocks from central park, 3 blocks from Times Square, and 2 miles from Manhattan! I honestly can't wait. The atmosphere, food, clothing, NYC nightlife, and NYC boys! AHHH! Our trip is seriously in one month. Crazzzyy. <33