Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Birthdayy.

Probably the best picture of me the whole night! haha

Wow. Man has my twenty-first birthday been stressful and crazy from the beginning. This is how it basically went down:

Wednesday, April 15th
- My real birthday. After school, I have a fabulous sushi dinner with mi familia. Later that night Christina, Mike, Hart, Jamie, & Ha take me out to The City for a few drinks. The first place we went to was called Lime and was super chic and modern. The bartender loved us and kept offering us free drinks! It didn't help that he was cute either. But then again all the bartenders that night were super cute! Anyways, we ended up moving to B.O.C (Bar On Church), where numerous guys offered me free drinks since it was my birthday! How could I have said "no?" Too bad I should have. I ended up blacking out, leaving my jacket there, which had both my wallet and keys. My credit card and debit card end up being stolen. Thank Jeebus the thieves were considerate in leaving my keys and ID in my jacket. I am very very thankful Christina & Hart both went back to the place to retrieve my belongings. I cannot thank them enough!!

Thursday, April 16th - I'm pretty much scarred for life when I wake up and my shizz is all gone!! I end up calling Vince to work for me as I file a police report, cancel my bank cards, etc. At the same time I feel sick as hell since I'm completely hung over. There's so much more detail to this horrible situation, but I'll leave that up to your imagination. It was seriously like one huge domino effect.I ended up throwing up all over my hallway at night. Thanks sister for taking care of your stupid bro bro. I have learned my lesson.

Friday, April 17th
- It's the day of Jessica & I's birthday bash at Sino Restaurant and Lounge. I run a few errands in the morning. Meet up with Krystle, Jamal, and Sophia who end up taking me to the hotel around 5pm. We get ready and end up at the restaurant around 6:50pm, which means we're late since the dinner started at 6:30pm. But to my surprise, there's about seven out of about thirty-seven guests in the room. Frantic hits Jessica & I as we realize that most of our guests are practically thirty minutes late! From this point, I'm just completely stressed. A few people end up not showing and two end up leaving, which stresses me out even more because we have to pay for their asses! At least my friends and family had a good time as most of them were drunk. I was just so bothered that they all were and I was just completely stressed out, and it was MY BIRTHDAY! WTF. Occasionally a few of my friends would leave me and I just felt like I was celebrating my birthday all by myself. I think that was something that made me feel even more stressed, that when I needed maybe one of them, I had none. I know that my stress probably played a part in that they didn't want to be around it or me cause I was overtly stressed, but I didn't get much comfort at all. AHH! I just really ended up feeling uncomfortable at my own celebration, which made me really sad. And on top of that, other friends just irritated the shit out of me, drama and inconsideration really sucks ass. I'm glad I had my family there from the beginning till the very end. As I thought a few friends were going to stay with me at my hotel that I booked with Jessica, they ended up not. So I called a few of my cousins and my sister and they were able to drive all the way back to San Jose and stay with me. Thanks again to my wonderful family for being there, always. We always say it to each other, and I just can't say it enough, "Without each other we would never be who we are. I LOVE YOU GUYS!" Other then that, at this point I'm not too sure how to feel about my birthday. Just that it was one whole HOT MESS, personally. But I do know one thing and that is that I'm overwhelmingly thankful for everyone that has greeted me Happy Birthday and has been there for me during this memorable and hopefully never again stressful twenty-first birthday. <33

I just wanted to thank a few people:

Jessica: For partnering with me in celebrating this memorable even t in both of our lives! I forever love you. I'm glad we both stressed our together, because if had only been me, I'm sure I would have jumped out of the window in our hotel room. I could not have imagined planning all this shizz by myself. I love you. Happy 21st Birthday to us!!

Keith: For being able to put up with our crazy plans and financing it! lol Don't worry, Jessica & I got you back!

Christina: For being able to buy two thirty dollar cupcake tiers, practically make all our 40+ invitations, making over 50+ cupcakes, and for more I probably can't remember. I LOVE YOU and will give your ass a call when I get married. LOL

Here's eye candy I'm sure all of you would like to see from our birthday bash on Friday. <33


  1. Awwww Ish! I'm sorry you had such a bad birthday!!!!!!! I'm even more sorry that I contributed to your stress by coming to your dinner late! I felt SOOOOOO bad!!! Please forgive? yeah? Love ya hun!

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  3. Awwww happpppy belated ISH!!! I wish I was there! You guys look all so beautiful!!