Thursday, April 30, 2009

AHH my future is here!!!!

My new school!! Well at least I think I made my final decision. I keep going back and forth between Irvine & Santa Barbara, but I believe I have a bigger "pro" list than "con" for SB. For one, I know nothing about Irvine and have been to SB like four times (3 out of the 4 to party, lol). Two, I got accepted into their Honors Program. Three, I will actually know a few people there. And four, their Communications program there is way stronger than Irvine. I guess I just had to really think about it for a second, I mean it really is hopefully only two years of my life!! Just the thought about moving there "all by myself" is pretty scary. The only "con" I could come up with for SB was getting caught in the party scene and just getting myself into bad habits. But, I completely realized that isn't me and that as long as i assure myself that I'm going there for the right reasons, I'll be ohk.

AHHHH!!! I'm going to SANTA BARBARA!!! i need a drink, asap. haha


  1. well i think its a good decision. and we all will visit constantly and get it crakkin

  2. you said three like 2 times! haha. let's drink tomorrow night! we bought the costco sized patron!

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  4. i messed my comment up so lemme try again...
    This is sad to think about :(
    ...but exciting!!! and it is a good decision annnd we are sooo gonna visit once a month!! haha :)

  5. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!