Saturday, April 27, 2013

Home: Athena Calderone

If I could have anyone's Brooklyn based home, it would probably be Interior Designer's, Athena Calderones'. I love how she mixes different elements and textures. I really like the industrial feel of her cement blocked walls accented with soft velvet furniture. While her space is more modern, I love the dash of country from the wood decal to her floral arrangements. I also think that in some sense her home is more so simple, but still eclectic and true to her personality.
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"Never follow any rules! I am all about mixing and contrasting elements. I think a room should never strike just one note. I love combining polarizing qualities and using elements that seem like they shouldn’t work, but do. I think it creates a tension that brings intrigue and curiosity to a space. So, a clean environment with eclectic oddities, luxurious textures next to raw ones, old pieces with new ones, that’s what gives a room character and depth."

Photos from Refinery 29.

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