Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Non Program Pavilion by Jesus Torres Garcia Architectes

nonprogramjesus1 non-program-jesus-garcia-08
I've recently grown an interest with architecture and I thought this project titled, The Non Program Pavilion by the Jesus Torres Garcia Architectes was absolutely stunning. Lately, I've been toying with the idea of escaping and relaxing, I guess you could say I've been interested in traveling and just doing some good ole' soul searching. I thought this 263 sqm escape in SalobreƱa, Spain, was a great idea if I could ever make it happen. Maybe seclusion in a beautiful, out in the middle of no where home is what the doctor ordered?Regardless, I love how the natural light hits the windows of the structure (an easy reflection) and how open the area is in the majority of this space. A boy can dream...
non-program-jesus-garcia-07 nonprogramjesus non-program-jesus-garcia-06 non-program-jesus-garcia-09 nonprogramjesus3

Photos from Design Scene.

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